Creator Hype aims to be the go-to source for growing as a creator. We’re going to be addressing the problems that exist in social media and influencer marketing, while also providing direct feedback on current campaigns. We’ll talk about growth, legal aspects, audience development and the latest news as it relates to creators. That said, we aren’t going to sugar coat anything – if something is bullshit, we’re calling it out. If an influencer network is taking advantage of creators, we’ll point it out. If you’re doing damage to yourself and others, we’ll let you know. In a world of egos, we know this may be a hard pill to swallow – but we need to talk about this stuff in an open environment. It’s only when you shine a light on a problem that we can fix it. And we need to fix it!

Why Creator Hype is Necessary

The influencer world is so full of nonsense, that it’s hard to disseminate what’s good from what’s bad. When you’re in the middle of it, with brands emailing and a list of content you need to create – it’s easy to forget the things that made you. That, as a result, is when you start to create terrible content. You forget your community as you seek to improve numbers. The content that built you, is tossed away in exchange for every possible brand deal you can take. Brands and money become life. The content is in the way of getting the next cheque. No one says anything to you out of fear of your reaction. If they did, you’d simply dismiss them as haters.

Stop the Cycle!

There are far too many great bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers that have given their platforms to whoever has the next dollar. Once-trusted sources of information, entertainment, and opinion are now modern-day salespeople. You’re selling EVERYTHING as ‘the best you’ve ever used’, but then try to sell a competitors product a month later.  It’s clearly not about the audience – it’s about your pocket.

Creator Hype

Making money isn’t bad – nor is doing brand deals. But brand deals should be about making your content better or enabling more of the content your audience loves. Brand deal after brand deal after brand deal… that’s not how you built an audience, and it’s not how you’re going to keep one. It’s only because you have an audience that the brands want to give you cash.
On the other end of the spectrum – influencer marketing is going off the deep end. Brands are burning through influencers and killing audiences faster than they can find a replacement. As a result of killing the big named creators, they turned to micro-influencers. And now, the micro-influencer audiences are tuning them out so brands are looking for nano-influencers. It’s a system that’s completely unsustainable.

Let’s fix this. We can fix this. Imagine a world where every dollar that would have gone into a television corporations pockets ended up in ours? A world where a small creator with an audience in the 1000s, commands $5000 for a post? It’s possible! But it’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s definitely not going to happen if we don’t address the current issues that dog creators. So, join us in the quest to better the lives of all content creators!


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