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Creator Hype is your go-to source as a growing creator. Whether you’re a blogger, a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer, you’ll find valuable insight that will enable you to improve your content, your business, and your life! We cover topics ranging from growth to legal issues, audience development and the latest news that relates to creators. We’ll also highlight creators that deserve the hype, and provide you will opportunities to do the same!

That said, we aren’t going to sugar coat anything. In a world often driven by ego, we know this may be a hard pill to swallow – but we need to talk about the negatives as well. Shining a light on problems is the only way we can fix them!

Creator Hype

Together, we can bring about positive change in the creator space. We can address problems such as brands taking advantage of creators, or people with fake followings damaging the reputation of those with legit audiences. It’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s definitely not going to happen if we don’t address the current issues that dog creators. So, join us in the quest to better the lives of all content creators!

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