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AnneMunition Announces Red Bull Partnership

AnneMunition Tease

A black square, sitting on top of red smoke with a simple message – TOMORROW. 12PM PT. That’s the only content that AnneMunition posted to her Twitter account about an hour ago. The vague announcement tease has me, and others speculating on what big announcement will be. Considering the current state of streamers switching platforms for big paydays, that’s everyone’s first guess. I personally am also going with that theory… but that’s all it is right now a theory. Let me present my thoughts on this.

Update: The Announcement

This update comes after the announcement, where AnneMunition shared that she is now partnered directly with Red Bull. The red in the teaser image obviously had a more direct reference to the brand – and it wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be. Considering her past partnerships, this was obviously a bigger deal than those. Huge congratulations to her and I look forward to seeing what’s next! Here’s the official announcement she made on stream. (The rest of this article was written before the announcement was made.)

AnneMunition Leaving Twitch for Mixer

My leading theory on this announcement tease is that AnneMunition is heading to Mixer. Last month when Shroud announced his switch to Mixer, following in the footsteps of Ninja, I took a look at their management team: Loaded.GG. Loaded represents three dozen streamers, including AnneMunition, TimTheTatman, and CourageJD (who recently moved to YouTube).

AnneMunition Announces Red Bull Partnership

It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume Loaded is shopping every streamer they represent. With that in mind, I wrote down three streamers who are the most likely to leave Twitch: dakotaz, Cloakzy, and AnneMunition. I feel AnneMunition evokes the values and market appeal that Mixer is aiming for – professional, entertaining and very good. She’s an ideal candidate to take the lead on women in gaming on Mixer, alongside newly joined 14-year-old Ewok.

This is also slated to be a bigger announcement for Anne. In the past, Anne’s major announcements have come in the form of basic tweets, done without any kind of lead up hype. In 2015, AnneMunition announced her Corsair Partnership. 2016, she announced a trip with Blizzard. 2017, an Intel partnership. More recently, she announced partnerships with Synology and Jynx in tweets – and renewal with Synology just this September. So, we can probably rule out any kind of brand partnership.

Mixer’s Blue, C’mon Man – AnneMunition

Where this theory loses some of its teeth is a response she made to someone suggesting “Mixer Confirmed”. She responds “Mixer’s blue, c’mon man”, referring to the background red of the image. This has led some to speculate that perhaps it’s a move to YouTube instead. While that’s possible, her own YouTube channel would suggest otherwise. CourageJD had over 1.7M subscribers while uploading daily content, clocking millions of monthly views before announcing his move to YouTube. By comparison, AnneMunition’s YouTube channel is rather quiet.

AnneMunition Announces Red Bull Partnership
Millions of Weekly Views for CourageJD
AnneMunition Announces Red Bull Partnership
Tens of Thousands of Weekly Views for AnneMunition

In the last month, she has only uploaded one video while her subscriber count sits at a respectable 88,000. I don’t know how YouTube operates, but it’s not a stretch to assume they want proven talent. If they are going to sign a check, they want to see their investment is one that is already thriving as a YouTube creator. YouTube’s biggest strength is in uploaded content, and for a live streamer, the two would go hand-in-hand. Anne is a great streamer, but she’s currently not a consistent video creator.

So, my bet is still on Mixer. BUT, that red background along with that tweet COULD be something different. My natural second theory would have to be an esports organization. We’ve seen big reveals in the past when someone joins the likes of Faze or 100 Thieves. If that red is any indication, it does align with 100 Thieves color palette. But hey, that’s just a theory… A STREAMER THEORY.

Stay tuned to her channel tomorrow at 12PM PT, 3PM ET, 8PM GMT.

What do you think? Is AnneMunition heading to Mixer? YouTube? Joining 100Thieves? Or something else entirely?

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3 years ago

Anne and Shroud are buddies so Mixer wouldn’t surprise me, but like she said “Mixer’s Blue, C’mon Man”. I think you’re right about 100 Thieves.

Creator Hype
3 years ago
Reply to  terabullOne

100T does feel like it could fit too. Especially if we consider her YouTube channel – having their production team working with her could build that up for her.

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