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BadBunny Calls Viewers Leeches, TwitchCon 2019 Date and Affiliates Get More Emotes

This Week on Twitch was a great week for affiliates, as we saw an update to emotes. Now, Twitch Affiliates can unlock up to five emotes while Partners unlocked 6 immediately on partnership! Twitchcon 2019 has a date in September, and Apex Legends did, in fact, launch a Twitch Prime pack. If you enjoy this show, make sure to check me out weekdays at 5PM EST on Twitch!

Twitch Platform News: February 17th to 24th

  1. Twitch made a major Affiliate Emote Update, allowing affiliates to unlock up to five (5) emote slots. Each month from now (February) till May will see one emote slot unlocked as long as you have 15, 25, 35 and 50 sub-points. They also updated the unlocks for Partner, giving them immediate access to 6 emotes, regardless of sub count.
  2. Twitchcon 2019 now has a date and a place. Twitchcon North America will be in San Diego between September 27th and 29th. Book your Airbnb soon, as prices are going up!
  3. A new Twitch extension delivers live closed captions for your streams. It gives the viewer control over whether they see it, and will be updated to allow text, font and, other controls! Definitely should check it out.
  4. Apex Legends did indeed launch a Twitch Prime Pack. If you have Amazon Prime but no Twitch account, just signup and you can claim the pack. It includes 5 Apex Packs and a skin for Pathfinder.

Twitch Drama: February 17th to 24th

  1. Worrun_TV, a Twitch Partner was banned for 30 days for Hate Speech. However, claims it was a mistake in pronunciation and not actually intended.
  2. Mogtime was banned for 1 day for violating copyright on a Twitch owned emote. His mogtimeOPIE emote resembles OpieOP too much.
  3. A small affiliate, Casson, was banned for 7 days for accidental nudity on stream. He has since then been unbanned.
  4. BadBunny had a clip go all over the place where she called non-sub, non-donating viewers ‘leeches’. It was somewhat taken out of context but still looks bad on her.

Twitch New Partner: ThisIsMerete

Merete is a 25-year-old Norwegian variety streamer. She was featured on the front page back during Movember, and managed to raise a ton of money for the cause. Congrats to her on achieving partnership! Go check her out here.

Twitch Affiliate Feature: Forgiving

Forgiving is a perennial top 500 Overwatch player. He mains off tanks (Zarya/Dva) but truly can flex to any role. He should probably be in Overwatch League – so catch him live before he gets signed to a team. Check him out here.

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