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Brave Browser Helps Content Creators Get Paid

Brave Browser

I’m going to bet that the majority of people reading have never heard of the Brave Browser. As the name suggests, it is a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge. But unlike those browsers, Brave wants to re-invent the way audiences consume content online. Instead of just being a tool to access content, Brave has built a cryptocurrency to support the project. What that means, is that audiences are able to PAY content creators simply by reading or watching! No ads, no Patreon or donation buttons… just a simple algorithm that enables users to donate a small amount each time they consume your content. So let’s talk about Brave, and then I’ll share how it will work to get you paid.

What is the Brave Browser and its Features?

The Brave Browser is a web browser that was developed by the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. The free browser was originally developed for mobile (where it is absolutely the best user experience I’ve ever used), but now also has a desktop version. At the core, Brave is a PRIVACY browser enabling you to browse the web without being tracked by the likes of Google, Facebook, and other companies. Secondly, it’s an AD FREE experience. It’s default settings automatically block every ad (traditional, not #ad) that exists on websites. It’s fast, fluid and private. That’s huge in a digital world that wants to track your every move. You can download it here for Windows, iOS or Android. (If you want to help us, use this link and BRAVE will provide us with $5!)

When you download Brave, you can then sign up to join Brave Payments – a system that enables users to reward content creators with cash (crypto). You can purchase the cryptocurrency for any kind of fiat currency (America, Canadian, Euros etc.) There will be other ways to earn it in the future.

Brave Browser
Note that OUR site has 2 trackers: One is our Facebook Widget, the other is our login system.

How does Brave Pay Content Creators?

If a user signs up for Brave Payments, they can purchase the cryptocurrency called the Basic Attention Token (BAT). As they use the browser and visit different websites/YouTube videos, the Brave Browser sets aside a percentage of their BAT for that creator. At the end of the month, based on all the attention they paid to different creators, it pays out a small percentage to each based upon time spent. For example:

  • A user sets a budget of $10/month in Basic Attention Tokens.
  • They watch 1 hour of YouTuber A’s content. 6 hours of YouTuber B’s content. And read 30 different bloggers for 6 minutes each.
  • At the end of the month, if left to default… YouTuber A gets $1, YouTuber B gets $6, and the 30 bloggers each get 5-cents.

But Brave Payments allows users to set their payout percentages. So, if someone really likes ONE of those 30 bloggers, and wants to direct a higher percentage to them – they can.

Why use a Cryptocurrency and not just Cash?

The reason why it’s crypto and not just straight cash is that the core functionality of the Brave Browser is how it protects you. Private browsing combined with ad-free, enables it to run faster and safer for users. A cryptocurrency allows this transaction to occur WITHOUT disclosing ANY personal details to either party. You won’t know who is sending you payments, just that someone is reading and rewarding you for creating. It’s true safety and security for all involved.

How do I sign up to get paid?

Brave Payments

As a creator, you need to sign up for a Publisher account. Sign up is quick and helps confirm you on YouTube (immediate) or for your blog with a small plugin (that you can then disable). You’ll also sign up for something called “Uphold”, which is a wallet for your cryptocurrency. In Uphold, you’ll be able to easily convert any BAT into dollars and then withdraw them to your account. Note: Canadian banks don’t currently support this, but it will change very soon!

What publishers are using this?

The full list of publishers is currently private – but content creators that have confirmed using this include The Guardian, WikiHow, Philip DeFranco, AndroidPolice, Gamepedia, and over 8000 other websites and YouTubers. Creator Hype is now a verified publisher as well!

What are the risks?

There is no real risk. If no one uses the browser, OR no one consumes your content – nothing changes. But, as adoption grows and more people start using it, the more likely you are to make a little bit of passive income. Again, you can sign up without even using the browser yourself if you want to. Then one day in the future, could log in and see that you have dozens of Basic Attention Tokens. Here’s where it gets interesting… if cryptocurrency and adoption continue to grow, a BAT (which is currently worth about 42-cents each) could increase dramatically in value.

In closing, this is a no-risk, low effort thing to sign up for. It may NOT end up delivering anything, but it’s possible it could as it continues to grow. Try out the browser (use this link if you’re feeling kind), then get yourself verified as a publisher! One day, you may just be coming back here to thank me for putting you on it!

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