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Grading the Campaign: #Techmas

Criticism. It’s a valuable part of our development. As kids, we’re provided with criticism from both parents and teachers: “You can do better, here’s how.” As adults, that feedback often comes from our jobs in the form of annual reviews and results. If...

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Why Brands Want Influencer Whitelists

I was recently having lunch with a friend who works for a PR company. As we were chatting about content creators and brands, one of the things he brought up was the concept of influencer whitelists. I immediately knew what he was talking about and could only shake my head. For the...

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Influencer is Such a Gross Word…

One of the most important things about creating content online is finding your voice. Well, it used to be. Now, the most important thing about creating content seems to be ‘how you’re going to become an influencer’. In the influencer marketing gold rush, blogging is now...

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