Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

Three weeks ago, Logitech G dropped me an email inviting me to check out a new product they were launching. Having done hundreds of tech reviews in a former life, I didn’t plan on writing a review for the product as I left that life behind me. That was until I was presented with an...

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Twitch Events Calendar
Resources Twitch

Twitch Calendar 2019

This calendar will help streamers plan ahead. You’ll find all the games coming out for PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, and other platforms. You’ll also find Twitch related events including Twitchcon, PAX, and local events. If you would like to submit an event for the calendar, please...

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Twitch Inspiration
Creators Twitch

New Creator (Hype) Motivation!

When I started Creator Hype, I did it because I had lost faith in other content creation platforms. I wanted to help creators rediscover the passion that built their platforms’ communities. In doing so, I could assist small groups of creators to restore pockets of greatness. There...

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Lottery Giveaway Contest
Business Creators

Contests Suck for Creators

Creators love running contests. They’re easy to set up, they (seem to) get traffic, and they make you look (feel) influential. But in reality, contests are a waste of time and resources. In fact, at best, you’re reaching 22% of your audience, and they’re only responsible...

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