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Does Blogging Still Matter?

Unlike several newer social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube), blogging has a multi-decade history. That history means that blogging is often seen as archaic in a social world that moves at a mile a minute. I mean, when you look at the speed at which Instagrammers and YouTubers go from...

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Instagram Pod
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What’s an Instagram Pod?

What happens when the most well-known bot service for Instagrammers shuts down? The rise of the Instagram Pod.   An Instagram Pod is a collective of similar niche Instagrammers that help each other appear more engaged. The hope is that with enough engagement, the Instagram algorithm will...

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Fake Instagram

How to Spot a Fake Instagram Account

One of the most common complaints we hear from Instagrammers (outside of the Instagram Algorithm) is the issue with people faking it. While people are working hard each and every day to develop great content, tweak their hashtags, and foster their communities – another group is just...

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