Discord Creator Hype

What is Discord and Should You Use it?

Discord is an application that enables free text and voice chat across nearly every platform. It has apps for iOS and Android, as well as desktop software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. There’s also a web version accessible through any browser. Discord was originally created as a...

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Business Creators

Influencer is Such a Gross Word…

One of the most important things about creating content online is finding your voice. Well, it used to be. Now, the most important thing about creating content seems to be ‘how you’re going to become an influencer’. In the influencer marketing gold rush, blogging is now...

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Why Creator Hype

Why Creator Hype?

It’s time for us to sit down and have some serious discussions about being a creator and influencer marketing. In truth, the time for these conversations started years ago – but they never happened. Partly because it was so new and unfamiliar. No one knew what influencer...

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