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New Creator (Hype) Motivation!

When I started Creator Hype, I did it because I had lost faith in other content creation platforms. I wanted to help creators rediscover the passion that built their platforms’ communities. In doing so, I could assist small groups of creators to restore pockets of greatness. There...

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Ninja Subageddon
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Ninja is Entering His Subpocalypse

Ninja, aka Tyler Blevins, has been in the media a ton lately. First, it was niche gaming media when he became the Twitch user with the biggest subscriber count (which at the time was 50,000). Then, his live stream with Drake took over mainstream media for the record number of viewers...

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Logan Paul Twitch
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What Logan Paul Means for Twitch

About 48 hours ago, Logan Paul joined Twitch. It’s a decision by Older Bro Paul purely spawned by the hype generated by the new face of Twitch, Ninja, streaming Fortnite with Drake. Sensing an opportunity to make money and sell merch – he announced it to his audience via...

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Twitch Affiliates Make Money
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How Much do Twitch Affiliates Make?

Twitch has become the biggest platform for live streaming. While gaming dominates the platform, recent additions include Talk Shows, Creative and an IRL category. They’ve also added new ways for streamers to make money by opening an affiliate program with a relatively low barrier to...

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