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Deadmau5 + Fareeha Banned, Apex Legends Twitch Prime Pack and Other Twitch News

This Week on Twitch, we have a continuation in the stolen emotes DMCA story, the PR director of Twitch is gone and Twitchcon EU tickets are now on sale. We also saw Deadmau5 get banned, Etika returned to Twtich and was immediately banned, and Fareeha received a 30-day ban that ended up being scaled back. If you enjoy this show, make sure to check me out weekdays at 5PM EST on Twitch!

Twitch Platform News: February 10th to 17th

  1. An update to the stolen emote problem as mentioned last week. Shannon Plante shares details on a tool developed by CommanderRoot to help find duplicate emotes. That tool can be found here. Alpha Duplo tweets about finding over 4200 duplicates.
  2. PR Director Chase out at Twitch. First reported by Slasher, which elicited a response from Hassan Bokhari. Later, Chase himself addressed his departure from Twitch.
  3. Twitchcon EU tickets are finally on sale, few details on what’s happening but Pokimane is slated to attend.
  4. Apex Legends data miners have found mention of a Twitch Prime pack. “Because you are a Twitch Prime member, you get a new Pathfinder skin and 5 Apex Packs.”
  5. Twitch Mobile App updated to allow tag selection via mobile.

Twitch Drama: February 10th to 17th

  1. Timthetatman abruptly left his stream with a family emergency, later addressing it on Twitter as having lost his Aunt.
  2. Etika streamed on Twitch for the first time in a long while, called out Twitch for their previous bans, and was subsequently banned.
  3. Deadmau5 was banned from Twitch for using a homophobic slur, he issued a non-apology initially, but a day later recanted and apologized.
  4. Fareeha was banned for 30 days for saying that South American players are shit. The ban was later reduced to four days.

Twitch New Partner: GothixModel

GothixModel (Vanessa) is a horror game streamer with a passion for making people laugh. She describes her streams as a ‘deranged party where nothing makes any sense.’ Check her out!

Twitch Affiliate Feature: Mdee14

Mdee14 (Marcel) is a variety streamer who’s been streaming since 2015. He is also the organizer of Twitch Toronto’s community meetups. Definitely go check out his stream when you get the chance!

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