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Facebook Creator Tools Take on YouTube

Facebook Creator Tools

Last week, Facebook announced a series of new creator tools aimed at pulling YouTubers to the platform. This announcement signals a heating up in the ‘live’ video wars. It’s also clear Facebook has recognized YouTube’s shortcomings in live streaming. The new Facebook Creator Tools will be attractive to YouTubers who want better ways to engage with their fans. It will also provide them with detailed analytics to help with brand deals and creating better content.

The first product to launch is the Facebook Creator App. Launching initially on iOS, the app promises to be the ‘one-stop shop to grow as a creator’. Features of the app include:

  • Detailed Analytics and Insights – You’ll be able to learn more about your audience, your page and how your videos perform. This will enable you to make decisions to help you grow.
  • A Live Creative Kit – With access to this kit, you’ll be able to add more production elements to your live broadcasts. This includes things like intros, outros, and live stickers.
  • Facebook Creator Tools with the Camera – You’ll easier access to camera tools like filters and effects. You’ll also be able to better crosspost content (Instagram).
  • A Community Tab – A unified inbox will enable you to better interact and communicate with fans. It will connect comments on both Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Creator Website Application

The second announcement of Facebook creator tools is a new community platform. The Facebook for Creators website will be exclusive to content creators who apply and are accepted. Once accepted, you’ll be able to learn skills and techniques to improve your Facebook content, as well as find answers to common questions. There will also be an opportunity to get early access to new features. In a sense, it’s a little bit like YouTube’s Creator Academy. (Upon application, we were immediately accepted).

Android Facebook Creator Tools Coming Soon

What’s a little shocking about the announcement is the lack of Android. While it’s common for small developers to put effort into iOS first, we’re talking about one of the largest, most powerful companies in the world. The exclusion is disappointing, especially for creators that may have been interested in the tools.

If you want to learn more, you can read the official release here.


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