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Five Vancouver Travel Creators Worth Following

Vancouver Travel Creators

Vancouver is famous for its beauty. A city that has everything from Ocean Views, Mountain Peaks and generally, beautiful weather. You could go snowboarding in the morning, and surfing in the afternoon. Not too many places can make that claim! The city is also home to a good number of digital content creators – in fact, some of the best in the country! Today, we’re going to recommend five Vancouver travel creators that you should follow. These creators cover everything from staycations to continental adventures! If you’re looking to add a little bit more travel to your life, check them out and throw a like or a comment on their content!

Five Vancouver Travel Creators

Ally Pintucci – Instagrammer

Ally Pintucci

Ally Pintucci is one of our five Vancouver travel creators worth following. Her passion for travel started after a backpacking trip in Southern Africa in 2009. Since then, she’s visited over 30 different countries – sharing many via her Instagram account (to 27.6K followers). Her Instagram feed is stunning, especially recently where she’s exploring more of British Colombia. Many of her images also include little stories as part of her upcoming “Staycation Series”. You can also follow Ally on Twitter, Facebook, and her personal website.

Tegan and Lindsay of Treasures and Travels – Bloggers

Treasures and Travels

Lindsay and Tegan are sisters based out of Vancouver who together run Treasures and Travels. The blog covers many things outside of travel (generally, it’s a lifestyle blog). Their photo game is impressive throughout the site – managing to make a vegan breakfast bowl look delicious. (Random sidenote, but within two paragraphs, you find the recipe!) Their travel blogs are especially engaging as you can feel the excitement in their words and witness it in vibrant imagery. While their blog is their ‘main’ platform, they also have 45K who follow them on Instagram! You can also catch them on YouTube (very rarely), on Twitter and Facebook.

Nadine Sykora – YouTuber

Nadine Sykora

Anyone familiar with the YouTube travel niche will undoubtedly know about Nadine Sykora. She’s one of the most well-known Vancouver travel creators and produces some of the best video content. Nadine has traveled to over 49 countries while creating videos and capturing images of her experiences. She has an upbeat and bubbly personality that makes her really enjoyable to watch on YouTube. Seriously – go binge some her content and try to tell me it doesn’t make you smile! She even speaks at creator events like Vidcon and Buffer Festival and was even invited to the White House! Also check out her images on Instagram, Twitter and her personal blog.

Taylor Burk – Instagrammer

Taylor Burk

Taylor Burk is a professional adventure travel photographer – and his Instagram account proves that! The best thing about his feed is how different each image is. While some Instagrammers develop a specific style, Taylor simply captures stunning photos. Where his favourite place in the world? “I’d have to say British Columbia. Ever since I first visited I was hooked, so much so that I moved here.” Other places you can find him include his Facebook page, website and Twitter.

Braedin Toth – Instagrammer

Braedin Toth

Ever wanted to feel major FOMO? Then DON’T check out Braedin Toth’s Instagram account. This guy knows how to capture an action shot that will make you wish you were there. One of the unique things about Braedin is that he almost never appears in his own photos, yet most of his photos feature people. It’s a great way to put the viewer in his place (and exactly what creates that desire to be where in his place.) He occasionally posts to his YouTube channel, and you can also check out his Facebook page.

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