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Grading the Campaign: #PaintWithPREMIER

Canadian Tire #PaintWithPREMIER

Before there was a Home Depot (1978), Home Hardware (1964) and even Rona (1939), there was Canadian Tire (1922). Today, with 500 locations, they are one of the most recognizable brand names in Canada. #PaintWithPREMIER is an ongoing campaign bringing attention to their relaunched paint products. Over the last couple weeks, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in the number of tweets going out from Canadian content creators. So we thought – why don’t we sit down and objectively look at how it’s performing! The reality is that as a content creator, we only see one side of the coin – our content and what we get paid. But there’s value in feedback and criticism, which is something lacking in influencer marketing!

Disclosure: I attended Canadian Tire events in 2016. I have also worked with both PR companies mentioned within this post. While neither of these things has anything to do with the content, for the sake of transparency I’m sharing all history. Also note, this review is based upon data up until October 6th.

Origin Story: #PaintWithPREMIER

The usage of the hashtag takes us back to January 17th, 2017. Citizens And Collab tweeted out a project they were working on for #IDS17 (Interior Design Show). The first media web use of the hashtag was from TheGate, which mentioned the hashtag in a post on January 24th, 2017. During Q2-Q3, small groups of creators shared sponsored content using the hashtag. It wasn’t until Fall that we saw the big push. In April, an article noted Pomp & Circumstance was handling PR for Canadian Tire. Then one more a day later about a marketing stunt that mentions Weber Shandwick. The natural fit for influencer marketing is Pomp & Circumstance. We’re going to presume they are handling this one.

September/October Influencer Marketing Blitz

On September 14th, part one of #PaintWithPREMIER kicked off. We’ll call this the ‘Swatch Phase‘ because, well… everyone tweeted and Instagrammed pictures of paint swatches. Part two, which started around September 26th, is the ‘Project Completion Phase. It’s where creators involved shared their completed painting projects. There is some crossover between the two phases, but that’s to be expected with different creators on different schedules. Objectively, we hope that Canadian Tire ditches any “swatch phases” in future. While creators did their best, it wasn’t very engaging or interesting. From a creator POV, it doesn’t provide value to your audience. Even the most creative implementations are still samey. Here’s a rainbow of paint colours. We get it.



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Lead Image Credit to David Clode.

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Alayne Langford
Alayne Langford
5 years ago

But does the paint actually hold up to the hype??


[…] Grading the Campaign: #PaintWithPREMIER […]

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