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What Logan Paul Means for Twitch

Logan Paul Twitch

About 48 hours ago, Logan Paul joined Twitch. It’s a decision by Older Bro Paul purely spawned by the hype generated by the new face of Twitch, Ninja, streaming Fortnite with Drake. Sensing an opportunity to make money and sell merch – he announced it to his audience via Twitter. Within an hour had accumulated 100,000 followers on the platform. And currently has over 238,000.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror,” – Twitch, The Memoires.

What Logan Paul will be doing on the platform is a bit of a mystery at the moment. He has not yet streamed, but has said he plans to stream Fortnite. How often? No clue. Nor do we know what, if anything, else he’ll be doing than streaming Fortnite. IRL seems a likely candidate for the bro-de-YouTube. But time will tell.

Meanwhile, the community on Twitch has been divided on the issue. A clear majority is disappointed and concerned about what Logan Paul’s presence will mean for the platform. The remaining minority are either indifferent or believe that it may be good. Some are even optimistic that it will bring attention to the platform, but will also see Logan Paul banned for violating TOS.

Twitch Streamers on Logan Paul

The Migration is Just Starting

When the Ninja x Twitch stream broke records, it brought a wave of attention to the platform. A tipping point that will forever change Twitch. That’s why Logan Paul has joined, and it’s not the end of big YouTubers coming over to the platform. In fact, Casey Neistat recently joined the platform as well. But that’s not all – we’re expecting the first appearance of a traditional celebrity in the coming months. (The Rock? Will Smith? Kevin Hart?)

YouTubers have been increasingly disgruntled with their platform, and looking for an alternative. While Twitch will never replace YouTube, it does present a new (and easy) way to better communicate with a fanbase. Thus, this is the start of a mass migration of YouTubers to Twitch.

What Logan Paul Means for Twitch Streamers

So how will this impact current streamers? In general, it will shift the culture of the platform. Right now, Twitch is a communal experience. It has its problems, but solutions are community driven above all else. With an influx of YouTubers and their new audiences, they won’t have the same pedigree that long-term Twitch streamers/viewers have. But it does mean an exciting opportunity for current streamers to access new audiences! More people watching is NEVER a bad thing for active streamers.

That comes with the caveat that accessing those audiences may be difficult. Twitch discovery is largely related to view counts. The more active viewers you have, the higher you rank on that games page. That creates a bit of an echo chamber where the top streamers have way more potential to access audiences than anyone starting up. But, you will undoubtedly see a little bit of a trickle-down effect of this!

What Logan Paul Means for Twitch

Twitch Unity

For Twitch, the impact is an interesting situation. On one hand, they absolutely want bigger creators from YouTube to come to the platform. The more high profile people they have, the more opportunities there are to make money. But at the same time, they need to consider the culture of Twitch. Twitch’s Bleed Purple community will evaporate if they focus only on the financial aspect of this opportunity. So how do they balance that? If Logan Paul becomes the biggest streamer on the platform, what do they do? How does he fit into the puzzle? How will the community react?

The solution isn’t exactly clear – but one thing we’re anticipating is an algorithm update.  If Twitch values a diverse and unique set of streamers and wants to see more grow – they need to fix discoverability. Viewer Count based discovery works when everyone is on a level playing field, allowing the best to rise to the top. But with thousands of streamers live at the same time, playing the same game – only the top 30 have any (serious) opportunity to grow. Anyone outside of the top tiers won’t see their view counts get high enough (barring a major host). That becomes especially true if YouTubers bring hundreds of thousands of viewers with them to their streams.

As much as algorithms have sucked in the past… it may be the only legitimate way to address it. An algorithm on the platform would have a better recommendation engine to highlight streamers people might love. Thus resulting in viewers finding streamers they will love. In any case, it’s not doom and gloom. Time will tell what happens to Twitch, but we’re expecting good things for the platform in the coming 2-3 years!

What do you think about Logan Paul joining Twitch?

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