Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

Three weeks ago, Logitech G dropped me an email inviting me to check out a new product they were launching. Having done hundreds of tech reviews in a former life, I didn’t plan on writing a review for the product as I left that life behind me. That was until I was presented with an amazing product for video creators. The Logitech G Pro X headset at first glance looked to be a premium wired set of headphones. High quality, nice design, detachable mic and an accessory kit for any kind of wired connection you could imagine. Then, the demo-er activated BLUE VO!CE and my eyes lit up – this changed everything. I’ve been using the Logitech G Pro X headphones for just over a week now, and the results have been breathtaking.

Disclosure: Logitech G has provided me with a headset for review, and I have tested other Logitech products in the past.


Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

The Logitech G Pro X Headset follows in the footsteps of the G Pro Headset released in April 2018 but improves in most aspects. Steel and aluminum construction gives it a high-end look and feel. Leatherette memory foam earpads offer comfort and a premium feel with included cloth pads to swap out if so desired. As for the fit, the headband adjustment is significant and should be comfortable for a large majority of potential head sizes. Weight is a little bit heavier than last years Pro headphones(259g), coming in at 320g. Meanwhile, they’ve retained full modularity for both the cables and the microphone. Speaking of, controls for mic muting and volume are on the cables – keeping the headset clean of any buttons or dials. Other than the slight increase in weight, everything about the Logitech G Pro X headset is designed perfectly.


Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

The sound on the Logitech G Pro X headset out of the box is pretty solid. Packing 50MM Pro-G Hybrid mesh drivers, they sound is clearer, more robust and louder than the previous model. Once you get into the fine-tuning of these headphones though – that’s where they shine. Through the G Hub presents significant acoustic and equalizer features. Not only that, but it’s through the G Hub that we learn we can customize the audio to HEAR LIKE THE PROs!

Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

The equalizer has presets that enable you to hear audio how the pros have them tuned. Current pro presets include Profit (Overwatch), TSM Myth (Fortnite), TSM Bjergsen (League of Legends), TSM Hamlinz (Fortnite) and G2 Shox (CS:GO). They also have other defaults for FPS and MOBA games, and the ability to create your own. As a bonus feature, you can upload your own presets to the cloud – enabling anyone with G Hub to download them.


The Cardioid (unidirectional) mic included with the Logitech G Pro X headset manages to increase the size to 6mm (from 4mm on the previous model). Plugging it in and using it offers clear voice comms and recordings. For gamers or professionals, it’ll do the job of delivering your voice. But there’s nothing immediately that is worth writing home about. Step in BLUE VO!CE

Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

Let’s Talk about BLUE VO!CE

For content creators, this is where the Logitech G Pro X headset is going to blow your mind. Logitech purchased BLUE a year ago, and this is the first time their expertise is being incorporated into a headset. Now, the reality of most headset mics is that they don’t provide a ‘full’ sound. BLUE VO!CE changes all this by building the processing of your voice through software. On activation, your voice will immediately become more full on the default ‘Broadcaster’ setting. They’ve built the functionality of a Mixer into G Hub!

Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

Much like how the Equalizer provides presets for pros and other game ‘defaults’, BLUE VO!CE presents its own preset settings. For starters, you can use the mic settings that G2 Shox, Profit or TSM Myth currently use. Personally, as it relates to your mic this is a bit gimmicky, BUT it’s still a great starting point if you’re not sure what to do. There are also some presets for both AM and FM radio, as well as ones that are customized for high or low voices, both with further customization on whether you speak loud or soft. The real value then comes from taking things to the next level by creating your OWN presets!

Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

Voice EQ allows you to customize every aspect of your lows, mids, and highs – adjusting the frequency Hz levels and width of your voice. Advanced controls provide you 6 extra options including :

  • High Pass Filter which helps to remove low-frequency noises such as engines or fans.
  • Noise Reduction which cleans common background noises like rain, traffic or fans.
  • Expander/Gate acts to prevent any sounds that are not your voice speaking levels from passing through into your broadcast.
  • De-Esser removes things like a high-frequency hiss.
  • Compressor normalizes your volume and thus makes it easier to balance from a whisper to a scream.
  • Limiter compresses the output of your audio so that it can never max out and overmodulate, no matter how loud you get.
Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

I was NOT expecting this to a) be as feature-rich as it is and b) to work as well as it does. Content creators who are just starting out often look to a Blue Snowball mic as their first mic, or even a Blue Yeti… well now, a new contender. The Logitech G Pro X headset is capable of being your main microphone as a YouTuber or Twitch streamer. It won’t replace an XLR mic and mixer but can be a great starting point. The rich sound this delivers is on par with most USB mics on the market. This is an innovative feature that I’ve never seen before.

What’s in the Box

Logitech G Pro X Headset Review

The box is completely stocked with everything you need no matter the platform or place you want to use the headset! Here is a full list of the contents:

  • Console/PC Adapter Cable
  • Phone/Mobile Adapter Cable
  • PC Splitter (Headphones/Mic Jack – BLUE VO!CE will NOT work over this.)
  • Detachable Mic
  • USB External Sound Card (Necessary for BLUE VO!CE to function.)
  • Memory Foam Leatherette Ear Pads (Stock)
  • Memory Foam Cloth Pads
  • Carrying Bag

I only have two gripes with what’s in the box. The PC Splitters indicator on which one is the mic jack and which is the headphone jack is hard to see – especially in a dimly lit room. And second, the detachable mic would benefit from having an indicator of which side the mic should face your mouth.

Final Thoughts

As a set of headphones, the Logitech G Pro X headset has everything you need. High-quality sound via 50mm drivers, premium construction, with fully modular cables and mic. As a headset alone, you’ll be incredibly happy this set. But, when you factor in BLUE VO!CE and full audio customization to your specific tweaks, we step into true value. This was not what I was expecting when I first saw them in action. After having used them, I recommend these headphones for new or early-career content creators! BLUE VO!CE is assuredly a game-changer in pro-meet-creator audio headsets.

You can buy the Logitech G Pro X Headset from Logitech G for $129.99 (USD) or $169.99 (CAD).

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Jo-Anne Pfoh
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Great review thanks for sharing your thoughts

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Hey thanks Jo!

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