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MethodJosh Suspended, SGDQ $3m, New Gift Badges + Sub Only Streams

Twitch Platform News: June 23 to June 30

  • Subscriber Only streams have officially launched for eligible streamers. This means having at least 90 streams on record, with no violations. There are other criteria and requirements so it’s important to read them all. It does NOT open the door to cam girls or anything of that nature. There was some confusion about the email that was sent out.
  • You can now gift subs on Android, however, they may cost 2x as much as normal.
  • Sub gifter badges have been updated to include a variety of badges from 1 to 500+.
  • Stream Sorting from Low to High, High to Low, and Recently Started are now available. Recommended Stream sorting will be coming later this summer.
  • Amazon Prime Day will have Twitch Selling Out. More on this next week.
  • Twitch is identifying Artifact Troll streamers. Their lawsuit will seek to expose their identities and punish them for broadcasting porn, copyright content and most importantly, for broadcasting the Christchurch Shooting.

Twitch Drama: June 23 to June 30

  • MethodJosh has been permanently suspended for unknown reasons. He discussed some of it on a Discord call with his community. His channel is here should it be unbanned at any point.
  • CinCinBear was suspended for 24 hours for accidental nudity. She was banned at 9 PM on June 26th and unbanned on the 27th.
  • Muhscles was suspended for 30 days for an Omegle stream where someone displayed their breasts on stream. He has now moved to YouTube for the time being.
  • Elliegato was suspended for 24 hours for sexual clothing. The timing was unfortunate because she had a clip go viral after she was sexually assaulted, and people assumed it was because of that. However, in her Discord, she explained it was from a previous stream where here shorts appeared while she did a handstand (and staff assumed it was underwear.)
  • Summer Games Done Quick raised a massive $3,000,000 for Doctors Without Borders!

Twitch New Partner: SmexiestChicken

SmexiestChicken is a very entertaining streamer, currently streaming Sea of Thieves and Stardew Valley. Definitely check her out!

Twitch Featured Affiliate: LittleLegsTV

LittleLegsTV is our featured affiliate this week, mainly playing Final Fantasy XIV Online. He’s a bright and vibrant person, with a fun sense of humour – sure to become a staple of your Twitch viewing experience! Check him out!

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