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When I started Creator Hype, I did it because I had lost faith in other content creation platforms. I wanted to help creators rediscover the passion that built their platforms’ communities. In doing so, I could assist small groups of creators to restore pockets of greatness. There are enough creators out there who want to create something sustainable and lasting but the erosion around them makes it hard… I mean the way I saw it was this…

Blogging had become mundane as everyone sought to be more “PR Friendly” than each other, such that the content all became the same. A bunch of opinionless posts, with no love for the words that they were typing – but it paid, so they did it. Every now and then I find a great blogger, but too often they don’t get the attention they deserve because they get lost in the noise.

YouTube, a once robust community of collaboration and variety, found its glory days between 2012 and 2017. But the Adpocalypse┬áruined things. The variety of creators could no longer financially create the content they wanted to out of fear of demonetization. So, they cleaned up the content and started on daily posting schedules to try and keep up with the algorithm… but the heart of the content was lost, and burnout set in. It’s not sustainable, and it continues to slowly bleed out by a thousand cuts.

Instagram has become inundated with low-quality ads featuring semi-clothed people living remarkable lives. It’s become so common that it’s what we expect. And even when you find someone doing something unique or high quality,┬áthey struggle to gain an audience as algorithm based feeds ruined the experience and hindered discovery. The one holdout feature is Stories, which remain engaging for short bursts of content. And IGTV is untested in the grand scheme of things.

Everything was looking bleak.

But Then… A Discovery!

I had fully planned to spend all my time working on Creator Hype and build this business into something bigger. And while I’ve continued to spend time on it in the background… I made a discovery that restored my faith in content creation. It’s a platform I had spent time on as a viewer, but never as a creator. Twitch. For the uninitiated, Twitch is a platform that allows creators to live stream themselves playing video games. At least, that’s the core of the site – but as you dig deeper you learn there are communities for cooking, for building lego, for hosting talk shows and for just doing thing In Real Life (IRL).

And it was in this discovery that I started to invest my time. When I find something great, I involve myself deeply in it. I started streaming EVERY single weekday. I also made it my mission to connect with other streamers and learn about their passion for the platform. I was not disappointed. I’ve found many streamers, passionate about their content and excited about the future. A couple in particular, that I feel especially excited to have met. In much the same way many of my closest friends I met via Twitter, Twitch feels like it’s connecting me with a new group of people who will forever be part of my life.

Content to Come

Now, the reason I write this post is that there is about to be a ton of Twitch related content coming to Creator Hype. While I previously mentioned, this place aimed to correct the problems that existed on creator platforms… Twitch has presented a new opportunity. Guiding the future of the platform to avoid the problems that damaged other platforms. Some of the same mistakes made on other platforms are popping up here, and naive people are falling victim to those mistakes. There are also some unique problems that need to be addressed before they get worse.

So, if you’re into Twitch – you’re going to love what’s to come. If you’re not, perhaps you should take a look at what the platform is. While Twitch is NOT a household name yet, the next three years will change that. My only hope is that together, we’ll be able to maintain the positive elements of the platform while eliminating the threats. And thus, new Creator Hype motivation!

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