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NickJFuentes Banned, KingRichard Accusations, and Twitch Staff Saysera Fired

Twitch Platform News: March 31 to April 6

  • Twitch Affiliates got an undocumented boost this week as Twitch gave them the ability to customize their bit badges. This feature had previously been exclusively for Partners. You can access bit badges here (change YOURUSERNAME to your Twitch name).
  • Twitch has removed the ability to earn bits for watching ads on mobile devices.
  • Premieres, reruns, and uploads to Twitch are now limited until you hit affiliate. This is clearly a preemptive step to stop people from using the platform to display copyright content. It adds a small layer of ‘social proof’ before people can upload things indiscriminately.
  • The former PR Director at Twitch, Chase (just Chase), who left the company a few weeks ago, has been hired by Stream Elements as Head of PR.

Twitch Drama: March 31 to April 6

  • Fedmyster was banned for 14 days for destruction of property. This was linked to a clip of him drunk and repeatedly knocking down a shop window gate. What’s interesting about this story is that Twitch did the ‘good guy’ thing of waiting to ban him until his trip ended.
  • Twitch fired a Twitch Admin named Saysera for what he claims was a targeted attack by Reddit users. This story is tied to Fedmyster because as we had previously covered, Fedmyster claimed several of his mods were banned – and people blamed Saysera for that. The true story we may never know, but Saysera no longer works for Twitch.
  • NickJFuentes, a growing voice in the online alt-right, was banned permanently from Twitch after he appeared on the TrainwrecksTV Scuffed Podcast. He had commented on his views about interracial relationships and white people being ‘bred out of existence’.
  • ClawOnTwitch, a producer for the RajjPatel show, was banned LAST WEEK for 7-days. I had forgotten to cover this. He’s now unbanned though.
  • KingRichard was accused by a graphic designer of scamming him. The designer put out a 2-minute video explaining what deal they had made, showed some of the designs, and King Richard using them. He then says King Richard decided to cancel the project and not pay after the work had been done. King Richard responded live on Twitch, and then in further (albeit hyper edited format) in a Twitter video. KingRichard says he won’t pay the designers another cent, but will instead give that money away to his community and to charity.

Twitch New Partner: Bart_OW

Bart_OW is an Overwatch streamer, who we assure is not a voice actor for Dafran. He streams nearly every day, and as a tank main in Overwatch, often leads the action. Make sure you check him out.

Twitch Affiliate Feature: MissLoco

MissLoco is primarily an Overwatch streamer, but has played a lot of Fortnite, and other games as well. She streams roughly 20 days a month, so there is plenty of opportunities to catch her online! Check her out!

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