Overcoming Self-Doubt as a Content Creator

Self-Doubt Content Creator

We don’t often talk about the mental state of content creators. When you’re responsible for the content you create (and the response to it), there can be a lot of self-doubt that creeps in. How you handle that self-doubt has a huge effect on what happens to you next. If you let it become persuasive, you may not create (or post) the content you want to create. It can also hinder your good mood and creep into other elements of your life. So, take control of your self-doubt with one of these tactics to limiting the impact of that negative voice!

Recognize the Voice of Self-Doubt

Self-doubt sneaks up on you, but it’s also very clear when it does. The moment you start to get those feelings of insecurity about what you’re doing, recognize it and stop it in its tracks. If the doubt is REASONABLE (ie. I can do better), then figure out what you can fix. If it is UNREASONABLE (ie. This isn’t good), then ignore it. The difference between those two things is minor, but it’s all about where that voice is coming from. Don’t let your self-doubt control you.

Remind Yourself of Previous Success

Self-doubt usually pops up when you’ve had a string of mediocre responses to content. Not everything is going to be a home run, but you don’t know until you hit publish. One way to confirm that is to look back at your previous successes. Did you know they were going to be big? Not likely. Remind yourself that you can create great things, but that ‘success’ is unpredictable.

Find Content Creator Friends

It’s important to know that when it comes to self-doubt, you’re not alone. Find a group of content creator friends, and you’ll find a group of people that have been where you are at some point. Having people who understand the world you live in, will go a long way to handling things better. Together, you can share ideas, your doubts, and ask for help from each other. They will be the best EXTERNAL sources to check with if self-doubt creeps in.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others Directly

Self-Doubt Content Creator

It’s easy to fall into the compare game. They got THAT brand deal. They have MORE views than me. Their subscriber count is growing FASTER. They have X/Y/Z better than I do. Who cares! In the realm of content creation, you should almost never compare yourself to others directly. You don’t know all the details, so your view is distorted. You’re seeing ONLY their good, and none of the struggle/hardships behind the scene. If you want to compare a content idea, that’s fine. It can help you learn and create better content in the future. But the best comparison is YOU vs YOURSELF. Compare what you were a year ago, and how much you’ve grown. Now, step forward confidently to be able to make the same comparison a year from now.

Grab Some Laughs or a Temporary Distraction

If you’ve let the self-doubt infect you, stop whatever you’re doing and change things up! Click on Netflix and watch some comedy specials, or go for a walk and treat yourself to something nice! Shake your mind off of the negativity and get back to a happier place. Once your mind is in a better place, then you’re ready to create again!

Act Decisively (Fix as You Go)

If the doubt is hitting you last minute, make a decisive call on it. Either go live with it or don’t. Don’t sit on it for hours or days wondering what to do. Act decisively and fix as you go. Self-doubt can make you indecisive, so beat it by being courageous!

Ignore the Comments (For Now)

Any content creator knows that comments (often anonymous) can either make your day – or break them. Something we post that gets a hundred positive comments, but one negative can feel like you’ve failed. Not exactly sure what it is about negativity, but it feels louder than all the cheers. It also feeds into the self-doubt. If your mood has changed because of the comments section, and your self-doubt is creeping in – just skip your comments for now! They won’t go away, and you can deal with them when you’re in a better state of mind!

If you have other strategies that help you deal with self-doubt, share them below! Collectively, we can better handle those negative thoughts that pop in from time to time!

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