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PayMoneyWubby Banned During Restaurant Stream

PayMoneyWubby Banned During Restaurant Stream

Twitch Streamer PayMoneyWubby was just suspended in the middle of his live stream. The notorious streamer and YouTube creator was at a restaurant ‘on a date with his chat’, when the broadcast was cut short by Twitch staff. We do not have a clip of when he was suspended. Wubby tweeted out shortly after the ban to share his confusion on the matter:

“Just got banned from @twitch while live at a restaurant. Not sure the full reasoning yet but something to do with privacy(?). We had full permission from the manager prior to coming. Will keep posted with updates… Super confused right now… “


Wubby gave an update on his ban – a 14-day suspension for ‘Invading the Privacy of others.’ He tweeted out his ban email as well as doubling down on the criticism of Twitch, saying he “had full manager permission to do so,”.

PayMoneyWubby Banned During Restaurant Stream

On Reddit, users shared conflicting stories about the stream. Most noting that Wubby probably has a ‘target on his back’, and sharing disappointment in the suspension. Others argued that Wubby never had permission, suggesting he was ‘lying’.

“FYI. earlier in wubby’s stream he OPENLY ADMITTED that he lied to the restaurant and claimed he had an AI he was working on, which is what the camera was.”


We reached out to Wubby directly, to get clarification on the issue as well as an estimated ban length. He responded quickly but had no more information, only adding that he was on his way home to learn more. Adding that he does not know how long the suspension is for.

PayMoneyWubby Banned During Restaurant Stream

Previous ‘privacy’ suspensions by Twitch have carried a variety of punishment lengths, ranging from a couple of days to 2-weeks. The 2-week suspension was issued to Dr. Disrespect during his well-documented E3 Bathroom Stream.

Who is PayMoneyWubby?

PayMoneyWubby is a partnered Twitch Streamer with 194,000 followers, and streams Just Chatting. He does some gameplay streams in-between his regular content. He’s also popular on YouTube, where he has 626,000 subscribers. Most recently he collaborated with another popular YouTuber Gus Johnson on a video about Wendy Williams. You can find PayMoneyWubby on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.

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