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Pewdiepie’s Guide to Growing on YouTube

Pewdiepie Guide to YouTube 2017

In a rare departure from Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie)’s standard comedic content, he recently shared his thoughts on YouTube. Specifically, answer the question – how do you grow on YouTube in 2017. Recognizing that YouTube is different than it was when he started, he says the strategies that helped him grow don’t work anymore. Instead, YouTube 2017 requires some basics, work ethic, and the proper mindset. A lot of the advice has been said before, so it’s not anything super groundbreaking BUT it is interesting to hear it from the biggest YouTuber. You can view the full video here, as well as summarized points below.

Don’t Spend Money on Expensive Equipment

Good videos on YouTube aren’t made by spending a ton on camera gear. Making good videos on YouTube comes from making a lot of videos on YouTube. While it doesn’t hurt to have nice quality, there’s no guarantee that your expensive camera will translate to subscribers. As the saying goes; “The best camera is the one you have on you.”

Stand Out

The reason why certain channels grow large, and why most channels remain small is differentiation. You need to be doing something that no one else is doing. Big channels have already settled into their content style with their audience. If you try to do what they do, you’ll struggle to grow as it’s already being done. You have to do something different.

Maintain and Nurture You Audience

When channels take advantage of the algorithm to see themselves boosted, they end up growing very fast. But, YouTubers that grow incredibly fast often go away equally quick. People come to YouTube for personalities, so if yours is one they don’t care about – they’ll leave. A prime example is the “Reply Girls” era of YouTube.

24/7 Worklife

While you do set your own hours/pace of work on YouTube, you’ll be thinking about it 24/7. If you’re not filming, you’re editing. If you’re not editing, you’re reading comments. It can be stressful, so try to find a way to separate YouTube from your life.

Market Yourself

Most popular YouTubers got to where they are through some external help. Either it was a family member or friend who was already a YouTuber. Or perhaps your content was posted on an external website or Reddit. Getting your ‘first’ audience is great and getting them is key. Also, remember that most YouTubers have a shameful way they grew. (We’re curious about Pewdiepie’s!)

Pewdiepie Doesn’t Recommend Trust

People will lie, cheat and try to manipulate you and your audience if they can. Keep your cards close to your heart.

Skip Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs)

Pewdiepie says that while in the past, MCNs were necessary if you were a gaming channel and wanted to monetize. Today, they take a big cut of your money and don’t do much for you. Unless you are a very large channel with a one-on-one relationship with an MCN, don’t sign to one if you’re small. Wait until you need to step up your channel after having already grown on your own.

Lawyer Up and Get an Accountant

As you start to grow to a point where you can do it full time – get a lawyer and an accountant. A lawyer will help you know if signing a brand deal or other contract is a good idea or not. An accountant will make your life easier when it comes to taxes.

Do YouTube with the Right Intention

Get into YouTube if making videos makes you happy. If you enjoy it, then do it. Too many people get into it for money and fame, and while that is possible – it’s also rather unlikely. Doing it JUST for the money or fame is a way to burn out on YouTube.

You can check out his channel here to see the latest content he’s creating.

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