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Here are the Most Popular YouTube Channels by Province

Most Popular YouTube Channels

What YouTubers are your neighbours watching? Is it Liza Koshy? Maybe there’s a rogue idubbbz fan? Surely most people are watching Casey Neistat! It’s actually an interesting question to ponder because we’re all so different. Ask 10 of your friends what three YouTubers they watch, and you’ll likely get a wide variety of results. BUT, there will be a crossover. Several of your friends probably watch the same YouTubers. To try to answer this, we decided to repurpose an idea from AT&T. A couple weeks ago, they shared an image of the most popular YouTube channels by State. It’s a useful infographic that gives you some insight into that State’s interests.

While initially, we had wanted to come up with a list of the most popular YouTube channels by city. But after starting this, we realized just how much work it would take to parse through the data on Google Trends. And considering “we” is actually me (hi!), it seemed like way too much work for the time being. Instead, we settled on doing the Most Popular YouTube Channels by Province!

Most Popular YouTube Channels
Here’s the AT&T Map that ours is inspired by.

Most Popular YouTube Channels by Province (Top 3)

While the image above simply shows you the MOST popular channel, that’s only because we couldn’t figure out a nice looking way to display three. (Looked way too jumbled). So here’s the full list:

If there’s one major takeaway from this… Canadians seem to love gaming channels from coast-to-coast!

Our Methodology

To figure out which channels are the most popular, we compared a few different pieces of information. For starters, we used Socialblade to pull the top 500 YouTubers. We then took that information over to Google Trends. There, we narrowed our search down to YouTube Searches in Canada. Then, narrowed down further by province. But we’re not done! To get a true number, we tracked a YouTube Channels’ popularity over the entire year. This was more work than we should have done – but after a few hours, got into a good groove of doing the math with Excel.

Then, we added a minor bias to the mix. We removed most VEVO channels, and most major media brands (the night shows/trailer channels etc) from the list because it’s boring. We’re about the creators! The ones we left in were for areas where search data was limited due to low populations (Yukon/Nunavut/New Brunswick etc). We also added some tertiary information from VidIQ. The result is what you see above: the most popular channel by province as well as two other channels that were in contention! Yes, we were just as perplexed by the Nickelback thing too…

Also, feel free to share the image – ideally link back to us, but we’re not picky!

Most Popular YouTube Channels

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