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Twitch Partners Will Get These Exclusive Stream Tips (In 2021)

Starting in 2021, Twitch will offer Partners exclusive stream tips to help grow and increase revenue. This new education will come in the form of a ‘new partner’ workshop and other activations. While I was initially under the impression this was exclusive to select Partners, I’ve been informed by a separate source that this was a trial run. In 2021, many New Partners will be offered this workshop. I was sent a document containing the outline of what they covered, and some slides from the presentation. I have included a PDF and screenshots further down in this post.

I first covered this document on stream and noted that there was significant value for ALL streamers, not just Partners. Some of the information is common sense or stream tips that most ‘established’ streamers have a firm grasp on. But, others were new and quite valuable. The fact that these stream tips are coming directly from Twitch, gives us a clear look at the ‘best practices’ for streamers.

These Stream Tips Will Benefit All Streamers

While it’s great that Twitch is planning to take a proactive role in educating Partners, I’m not sure gatekeeping the data is the right approach. As mentioned, many established streamers will already understand these stream tips. Whereas growing affiliates may benefit immensely from knowing how to think about their stream. Monetization being a ‘learned behavior’ is a particularly valuable lesson for affiliates to learn now, instead of as a Partner. Putting any of this data behind a Partner paywall will hinder the NEXT group of Twitch Partners. Breaking the ceiling means having better access to information sooner.

I’m not suggesting they offer a workshop like they are for Partners, but rather just make the information available. Most affiliates won’t look at it, but those that do will be better prepared to turn their streams into success stories! I believe that this kind of information should be free while personal attention from Twitch should be a perk of Partnership.


If you can’t access the PDF above, you can download it here (PDF). I have also attached several screenshots from the presentation below.

Slides from the Twitch Partner Workshop

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