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Twitch Stream Safe Music

Twitch Stream Safe Music

In light of the most recent wave of DMCA takedowns on Twitch, creators are understandably spooked. As streamers go through the painful process of cleaning their clips of copyright content – a second conversation on stream music is being had. Most streamers are looking for a way to continue to use music on their streams without fear of copyright issues. While in an ideal world, an affordable streaming license for mainstream music would exist, but so far, it does not.

I’ve put together this list to help streamers access a variety of music, for a variety of price points. Ranging from entirely free to roughly $30 a month, these services, artists, and labels have made clear that streamers can use their content as long as they meet the conditions listed. I hope this is helpful and will continue to add to it as time goes on! If there are artists, labels, or services I don’t have listed, please DM me on Twitter so I can add them!

**Please keep in mind, music licensing is complicated and while I’ve done my best to vet these (in multiple ways), things may change at a later date.**

Twitch Stream Safe Music

Epidemic Sound
40,000 songs. Nearly Every Genre.
Playlists, Genre Lists, Mood Lists. Tons of sound effects. Very high-quality. All playable via web UI, or downloadable.
Royalty-Free, Unlimited Access/Plays. (screenshot)
Condition: Must have an active $15/month subscription.

Pretzel Rocks
12,000 songs. Many Mainstream Genres.
All playable via web UI, or Desktop App.
Royalty-Free, Unlimited Access/Plays. (screenshot)
Condition: Chat Attribution Mandatory on Free Version. No Attribution on active $5/month subscription.

1400+ songs. Mainly EDM Genres.
All playable via Web, or their social channels.
Royalty-Free. (screenshot)
Condition: Free account is very limited, and allows no monetization. Active Gold Subscription for $5/month releases some conditions. Make sure you read them. 600 songs are unlicensable, for example.

eBeatz Music
400+ songs. Many Mainstream Genres.
All playable via web UI, or downloadable.
Royalty-Free. (screenshot)
Condition: Must have an active Premium Subscription for $29/month.

305+ songs. Some Mainstream Genres.
All downloadable.
Royalty-Free. (screenshot)
Condition: Must have an active subscription as the free version does not cover streaming. $160/year.

Purple Planet Music
300+ songs, Sorted by Mood: Creepy, Cute, Hope, Energy.
All Downloadable.
CC BY 3.0. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit. There is also premium licensing with additional freedom and options, but it’s not required for stream use.

500+ songs. Many Genres and Moods.
All playable via web UI or downloadable.
Royalty-Free. (screenshot)
Condition: Must have an active $8.25/month subscription.

BPM Supreme
Latest Hits and DJ Mixes
DJ Crate Service – MAY be applicable to Twitch Streamers.
Condition: Must have an active $20 subscription, and may need to prove you’re a DJ.

Individual Artists

There are individual artists out there that are openly allowing their content to be used on stream. Please make sure to check the license BEFORE using any music on this list. If the link is dead, that could mean that permission has been revoked – please let me know if that’s the case!

Playlists and Labels

Playlists are groups of artists that make their music available copyright-free. Check them regularly to see if any artists have been removed from the playlist.

Overclocked Remix
3800+ songs. Game Remixes.
Permission. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit to the artist and link the website.

Audio Library
1800 songs. EDM, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop.
YouTube Playlists.
Creative Commons CC BY 3.0. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit.

Game Chops
1000 songs. Lofi, Game Music, EDM.
Multiple Playlists.
Permission. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit, and link to them.

1000+ songs. EDM, Rock, Synth, and other Mainstream Genres.
Multiple Playlists.
Copyright, but Stream Friendly with Registration. (screenshot)
Condition: Must sign up, AND give on-screen credit.

NCS Music aka NoCopyrightSounds
800 songs. EDM, Trap, Dubstep.
Multiple Spotify Playlists.
Copyright Free. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit.

650 songs. Pop, Chill, EDM.
YouTube or Spotify Playlists.
Royalty-Free. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit as they describe.

480 songs. Trap, Rap, EDM.
YouTube Playlist.
Condition: Provide credit when possible.

Magic Music
384 Songs. Trap, Future Bass, Rap.
YouTube Playlist.
Copyright Free.
Condition: You must give credit as described.

A LOT. Punk, Emo.
Spotify Playlists.
Royalty-Free. (Whitelisted)
Condition: Try to give credit.

Greyscale Records
71 Songs. Punk, Rock, Metal.
Playlist via Spotify.
Permission to Use. (screenshot)

400+ songs. EDM, Chill, House.
Playlists available.
Copyright, but Pre-cleared on Twitch. (screenshot)

JT Music
400+ songs. Game, Rap, Parody.
YouTube Playlists.
Royalty-Free. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit. Also, do not post monetized content to YouTube.

Stream Beats
180 songs. LoFi, Chill.
Playlist via Spotify.
Copyright Free. (screenshot)

Spinnin’ Records
50+ songs. EDM, LoFi, House, Trap, Dance.
YouTube Playlists.
Copyright Free. (screenshot)
Condition: You must give credit to the artist and site.

Remissum Records
37 songs. Chill, EDM.
Playlist via YouTube.
Copyright Free. (screenshot).
Condition: You must give credit.

Night Mode
17 Songs. EDM.
Playlist via YouTube.
Copyright Free.

Streamer Tunes
~45 minutes. Chiptunes.
Playlist via Spotify.
Royalty-Free. (screenshot)

Bungie Game Music
Any music in Bungie games (Destiny 2) can be used on stream according to Bungie’s Community Team.
Copyright. Permission Granted. (screenshot)
Condition: Must be talking/providing content over it.

As of the day of publishing, this list is accurate – however, please do your own research before using them as it is subject to change. Sometimes a smaller artist has their catalog bought out and copyright gets applied… If you find something that’s inaccurate or changed, please also inform me!

If you want to help me continue to create this kind of content – please consider following on Twitch, subscribing, or sending a small tip! Thank you!

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2 years ago

CEO of Monstercat On Twitch, there is no current system for claiming advertising revenue. We’re asking that streamers have Gold in good faith. We’re committed to changing the industry norm for how music is used on these platforms
support the artists that make the music if you play monstercat music while streaming on twitch

2 years ago

Thoughts on the “Twitch FM” playlist that’s on Spotify?
Also wondering what a “console streamer” is to do? Of course the existing music services all stop playing if you “go live” on Twitch via either console platform. Do any of the services referenced on this article work for us on console?

Creator Hype
2 years ago
Reply to  BurnsDG17

I don’t know the particulars about the Twitch FM playlist. It might be okay, always good to do your own research!
And if you’re streaming console to Twitch, you should be fine for most (if not all) of these. I don’t know how you go about adding music directly, but yeah!

2 years ago

Rini from Pretzel here. Just want to say Pretzel isn’t “royalty free.” We actually pay artists royalties for the use of their music. We have over 1 million tracks in our Fawkes system, and clearing thousands each week to make available for content creators. Just a little clarification & update for your listing of us.

Hannah Scott
Hannah Scott
2 years ago

Mxmtoon has said on twitter that streamers are welcome to play her music on streams 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by Hannah Scott

ZachBussey on Twitch

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