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Twitch’s New Streamer Tools Coming Soon

New Streamer Tools Twitch

In case you weren’t at Twitchcon 2017, or failed to watch the streams – you missed out on some exciting new streamer tools coming to the platform! Announced during their Keynote Livestream, these new streamer tools will help both affiliates and partner streamers. As the platform continues to focus on creating a positive experience for streamers, these tools are designed to help both with community management and in channel development.

You can view the entire keynote below (skip to 1:02:00) or scroll down to see a list of everything coming to the platform.

New Streamer Tools Coming in November

  • Rituals – November 2017
    Rituals will help streamers and their audiences celebrate important milestones and events together. The first ritual will be aimed at people who are NEW to the channel. In chat, your viewers will get notified if someone is visiting the channel for the first time, and encourage your viewers to welcome them. Other rituals will be announced and launched over time.New Streamer Tools Rituals
  • Raids (/raid) – November 2017
    A new feature will make the channel raid a true part of the Twitch experience. With the Raid command, you’ll start a raid, allow your viewers to join and then automatically host the channel that you want your raiding party to hit.
    New Streamer Tools Raid
  • In-Extension Purchases – November 2017 (Beta)
    This little monetization tool will enable affiliates and partners to earn a little revenue from anything viewers buy through Extensions. We’re not sure what Extensions will have paid additions yet, but we’re keeping our eyes on it.
  • Stream Summary – November 2017
    Stream summary will show off all the details from your stream. This includes the duration, average number of viewers, max viewers and more. You’ll also have access to what the most clipped moments were and where traffic came from.
    New Streamer Tools Summary

New Streamer Tools Coming in Q4

  • Gift Subscriptions –¬† Q4 2017
    This will allow any user to purchase one-month gift subscriptions to any channel for any other user. It’s a small quality of life change that should actually benefit channels subscription count fairly well.
  • Rooms – Q4 2017
    This is a quality of life change that will enable streamers the ability to create parallel chats for different user groups. You can have one channel for general chat, one for moderators, one for subscribers etc. This is clearly to disrupt the power that Discord has with Twitch communities. While it’s a logical change, we have some concern over whether it will simply fragment your audience. We’ll have to see how implementation goes.
  • Premieres – Q4 2017
    This feature will enable streamers the opportunity to showcase uploaded content in a ‘first-viewing event’. Basically, similar to how television launches a show, you’ll be able to watch uploaded content with your audience in real time. This is a unique way to communicate with your audience and engage with them over pre-made content. It’s a rather good idea, and YouTube will probably copy the idea in the near future.
  • Achievements – Q4 2017
    One of the greatest new streamer tools is the Achievement board. This will help non-affiliated streamers reach Affiliate status, and help Affiliated streamers get to Partnership. Achievements will formalize what it takes to hit each level. For example, if you’re hoping to become an affiliate, you can see what you still need to accomplish.

Twitch Achievements

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