What is Discord and Should You Use it?

Discord Creator Hype

Discord is an application that enables free text and voice chat across nearly every platform. It has apps for iOS and Android, as well as desktop software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. There’s also a web version accessible through any browser. Discord was originally created as a place for gaming communities to get together and communicate. They continue to focus on that niche, however, the platform is far more robust than simply being a ‘gaming’ service. In fact, of all the community-driven communication platforms I’ve been part of – I think it’s the best of the bunch!

Which is why we decided to make it part of the Creator Hype experience!

Joining is incredibly easy and only takes ONE step! You click on ‘Join Server’ to the right of the page – which will bring you to a login screen asking you ‘What should everyone call you?’ Enter your name or a nickname  – and you’ve joined! You’ll then be asked if you want to upload an avatar, share your email and choose a password. If you just want to read what everyone is saying (and not respond) you can SKIP the avatar/email thing!

Discord Signup for Creator Hype

Then, if you’re liking what people are saying, or want to contribute to a discussion – you can simply claim your account by adding an email/password. You’ll then have full access to the platform to comment, share and post your own stuff.


What will you find in the Creator Hype Discord?

The Creator Hype Discord will be community driven with the same goals as this site – to help content creators learn from each other and improve. We have channels aimed at specific types of Creators such as YouTubers or Bloggers. We’ll also discuss the general business of content creation and monetization. There’s even a specific channel for self-promotion and one for chatting about and finding collaborations. It has a full-featured private communication system, enabling private conversations. There’s also the voice element which enables groups to be able to talk directly with each other.

It really is a platform about community and will have a tremendous impact on better connecting different types of content creators that want to learn and grow!

That said, nothing comes together in a day. So, in the early months of the Creator Hype Discord don’t expect for the conversation to always be flowing. As we grow and bring in more people, that’s when it will really start to be great. The benefits of a growing community will only continue to benefit each user! One thing for sure, the Discord experience is going to be something you love and will probably want to create your own community on! You can thank us later for that.

So, if you’re someone that loves learning, loves being on the forefront of new technologies, and wants to build and grow your own community – join the Creator Hype Discord!

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